Hoof Prince

Like so many times before...

Like so many times before, the world we knew hurtled into chaos at the whims of the Nine. We drowned in our Gods' rage, starved in their indifference; suffered and screamed under their watchful eyes. These were supposed to be our allies, our shepherds and salvation. Instead they tormented us from their marble thrones and slowly, chip by chip, our faith waned. We began asking questions, wondering why. The sheep woke up, became wolves that stalked these god-infested lands, unshackled from the long dream. Side by side, we walked with the Nonbelievers, these Star Children from the West and their stories that this had happened before. We weren't the first and we weren't to be the last. As the pious grew fewer and the gems they had blessed us with were treated as possessions, our once masters grew vengeful and set to start the world anew; burn away the heretical and raise a new following, naive and innocent to their ways. They shook the earth to the roots of the mountains and brought the tallest trees low. Reaping kingdom and individual alike, they burned all that we had known as beacons for this new age. Amidst the broken bodies and the swiftly dwindling numbers still willing to face such unending wrath stood the Three. From their magic, our own strength, and the lives of so many we had lost, the Gods were put to rest. With the last of their abilities, the Three exhumed a sliver of our world from the ash, returned a fraction of what we had once known and protected it against the onslaught that had been should it arise once more.

Together, we had given ourselves a new future, but we still had to face the memory of our past.

The world has changed, the powers have changed.

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