Hoof Prince

The Magic

HoofPrince is unique in that it's inhabitants are gifted with the blessing of the elements and the favor of the stars. To learn more about how magic is incorporated in our game, read below. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our staff!

Elements, Gods, and Stones

Each of the nine elements on Hoof Prince has it's very own god, major gemstone, and minor gemstone. Your character will be presented with a gemstone by the Oracle upon their arrival. The gemstone is placed anywhere of your liking on your character (on a rope, on their hoof, etc). Every character begins at level 1. To earn higher levels, you must gain tokens by participating on the site. Once you've received enough tokens to reach level 4, you may gain a new element from the Oracle or by petitioning the Guardian of the element you desire.

Minor Gems

Sometimes, a minor gem is given by the Oracle or from a Guardian instead of a regular gem or earned at from an Event. Those who possess minor gems lack proper control of their element or may have a weaker version of their element. Minor gems may be leveled up, much like major gems, but a new element cannot be earned until the minor gem becomes a major gem. To change a minor gem to a major, one must speak to Guardian of that element the same as if they wished to change elements entirely. A character keeps the level of their element when a major gemstone is obtained.


Element God Major Stone Minor Stone
Air Altus Diamond Topaz
Earth Brighton Emerald Jade
Fire Paduan Ruby Carnelian
Water Courant Sapphire Lapis Lazuli
Electricity Tazewell Alexandrite Tanzanite
Light Galadriel Aquamarine Quartz
Darkness Rencor Amethyst Jet
Psychic Elyria Citrine Garnet
Time Aprillia Amber Seraphinite


Level Level Tokens Total Tokens
Level 1 Automatic Automatic
Level 2 20 Tokens 20 Tokens
Level 3 30 Tokens 50 Tokens
Level 4 50 Tokens 100 Tokens
Level 5 100 Tokens 200 Tokens

Please note that all the abilities listed below are merely guidelines to help give you an idea of how strong each level is, don't be afraid to be creative with your elemental use!


Level 1 - Can create gentle winds and move small objects, can jump a little further and higher than other Elementals
Level 2 - Can create a buffeting wind and move small to medium objects, can levitate for small periods of time.
Level 3 - Can create a strong wind and move as well through medium to large objects. Can create a small tornado, can fly for short distances.
Level 4 - Can create a very strong wind and throw large objects. Can create a large tornado that causes great damage, can fly for a longer range but not across different territories.
Level 5 - Can create extremely strong winds and throw any sized object. Can create a very large tornado as well as combine with water to create hurricanes. Can cause severe damage. Can fly for long distances.
Guardian Trait - Wings.


Level 1 - Can create small waves.
Level 2 - Can create small waves and simple forms of water such as light rain and thin fog.
Level 3 - Can create medium waves and make more complex forms of water such as ice, light to average rain and average fog.
Level 4 - Can create large waves and complex forms of water such as storms, thick fog, small glaciers, and small water spouts.
Level 5 - Can create Tsunamis and very complex forms of water such as water spouts, heavy fog, large glaciers, as well as combine with air to create hurricanes.
Guardian Trait - Mane and tail made of ice.


Level 1 - Can control small rocks.
Level 2 - Can control medium rocks that can bruise and create small, shallow cracks in the ground.
Level 3 - Can control large rocks that can injure and create shallow crags and small underground quivers.
Level 4 - Can control large boulders, medium earthquakes, deep cracks, and small landslides.
Level 5 - Can control extremely large boulders, large quakes, very deep cracks, large landslides, and can create hills and cliffs.
Guardian Trait - Chameleonism.


Level 1 - Can create small fireballs with little heat.
Level 2 - Can create small fireballs and ribbons with some heat.
Level 3 - Can create medium fireballs and ribbons as well as small firewalls.
Level 4 - Can create large fireballs and ribbons with quite a bit of heat, can control a medium sized firewall and create small firestorms.
Level 5 - Can create very large fireballs and ribbons with extreme heat, can control very large firewalls and firestorms, as well as shape fire into any form.
Guardian Trait - Mane and tail made of fire.


Level 1 - Can create weak sparks and some static electricity.
Level 2 - Can create weak electric currents to create a shock, small strikes of electricity, and static.
Level 3 - Can create strong electric currents, small lightning bolts, heavy static, and can begin combining with simple water forms for thunderstorms and small lightening storms.
Level 4 - Can create very strong electric currents with a bad electric shock, medium lightening bolts, heavy static, and can create lightning storms as well as a weak electricity wall.
Level 5 - Can create extremely strong electric currents, very strong static electricity, large lightening bolts, can control plasma and neon, can create torrential thunderstorms and Lightening storms, and can create a large electric globe barrier (No more than 20 feet/6 meters in diameter).
Guardian Trait - Ghost appearance.


Level 1 - Can create weak light sources and bend light to refract in certain directions, can give one the "good feelings" when they are feeling down.
Level 2 - Can create medium strength light sources, can control small amounts of sunlight: can cure minor wounds like brush cuts and brush burns.
Level 3 - Can create a strong light source, can control most sources of light; Can cure medium wounds like bruises from hooves and bites; can dispel hatred in individuals.
Level 4 - Can bend light to become invisible; can heal broken bones.
Level 5 - Can blind enemies with a large blast of light, can ward off darkness to reveal hidden enemies, can control any light source; can cure any injury done by the magic of another element; can create the feeling of love in an individual.
Guardian Trait - Unicorn horn and tail.


Level 1 - Can create small patches of weak darkness within a 5 meter radius of the caster; can give one the "bad feelings" to create a state of despair.
Level 2 - Can create medium strength darkness, can control small amounts of moonlight; can bring back past injuries like brush cuts and brush burns.
Level 3 - Can create a strong source of darkness, effectively making oneself invisible; can bring back the damage from past battles like hoof bruises and bites that the caster has previously given the opponent in past battles; can create hatred in an individual.
Level 4 - Can cover large groups in darkness; can bring back broken bones or muscle damage given to the opponent by the caster in previous battles.
Level 5 - Can cause an eclipse of the sun to weaken light wielding equines, can blind an enemy with darkness; has the ability to bring back any past injury including those given by members of other elements; can dispel love in an individual.
Guardian Trait - Shadow that moves independently of the caster.


Level 1 - Has brief flashes of premonitions, some of which are inaccurate and others are accurate.
Level 2 - Has incredibly accurate premonitions.
Level 3 - Can teleport to places.
Level 4 - Can control inanimate objects with the mind.
Level 5 - Can mind read* and use mind control.
*Please note that any horse being mind read will experience a slight tickling sensation. Only other Psychics can block the attempts of another.
Guardian Trait - Mimic.


Level 1 - Can pause time for very small periods for just themselves.
Level 2 - Can pause time for short periods for themselves and 1 other adult (or 2 others if they are foals).
Level 3 - Can create small rips in time to move backwards through. Can take small groups, up to five bodies total.
Level 4 - Can create medium rips in time to move backwards or forward through time, can take large groups, up to ten bodies total, through.
Level 5 - Immortality. Can walk freely back and forth through time; can take large groups, up to fifteen bodies total, through.
*Please note that any horse traveling through time will experience a sort of weightlessness associated with the passing and those around them will appear to be fast forward.
Guardian Trait - Youthful Appearance.

Temples and Temple Positions

Guardian: The guardian position is the direct link between the god and the mortal world, especially now while they slumber. Guardians are responsible for handing out new elements when mortals petition them as well as educating both spirits and apprentices on the roles of guardian, temple lore, and the god themselves. Guardians can participate in Crusades.

Spirits: A step beneath the guardian, the temple spirits have a weaker connection to their god though they can cultivate this the closer they get to Level IV. If the god does not like their guardian, or the guardian is inactive, they may call on the spirit for help in training the apprentice or talk to mortals for them. Spirits may also participate in Crusades but their prizes are not as major as the Guardians.

Apprentices: This is a trainee temple position. Apprentices work with the spirits and guardians of the temple to help master their element as well as build a better connection with their god. While only available to levels I and II, the apprentice position helps to build a deep understanding of what their element does, who their god is, and why their position in the temple is important.


The non-believers are those who choose to not recognize the gods or the elements. They can be chosen at random upon joining or you can make a note saying you would prefer your new character to be a non-believer. However, you can also choose to reject your element and become a non-believer or petition a god to become an elemental.

Non-believers are fortune tellers and star-readers; they look to nature for the answers instead of looking to elements or gods for help. They are able to communicate with the world around them - with the plants and the animals. Now, while it would seem as though they would be helpless in a battle against someone who has elements, they are more in-tune with nature giving them an almost psychic advantage.

You can still collect tokens for these characters in order to gain traits and become more attuned with nature and the stars. You do not have to take the traits you earn if you do not want it - the choice is yours.

Traits Tokens
One Minor Trait
(usually aesthetic traits)
50 Total Tokens
Telekinesis 100 Total Tokens
Invisibility 150 Total Tokens
Teleportation 200 Total Tokens
Shapeshifting into choice animal 250 Total Tokens
One Major Trait 300 Total Tokens
Immortality & Eternal Youth 350 Total Tokens
Star Magic 400 Total Tokens
Star Magic: The power to create new stars and constellations.


The Gods may have been put to rest, but their rage and power still influences the world around us. Just as the elements have become a part of us, they have begun to effect the other inhabitants of Hoof Prince, warping them far beyond the realm of anything we've dealt with.

Level I - Creatures tend to to be balls of elemental energy with little to no features or small creatures such as insects.
Level II - Creatures are small, generally herbivorous, such as mice and rabbits.
Level III - Larger herbivorous creatures such as deer and smaller carnivorous creatures such as coyotes have been infected.
Level IV - Predatory or otherwise dangerous animals such as those that would naturally hunt equines.
Level V - The elements have twisted and corrupted these beasts almost beyond recognition; carry multiple elements.

Characters may freely interact with creatures Level III and below in their posts, but these creatures do not drop prizes. Any creature Level IV and above must be posted by staff or other designated players and may drop prizes such as tokens or minor stones if successfully defeated in an Event. To find out more, visit the rules